Yak's Restaurant Recommendations – San Diego Tango Festival :)

The Kona Kai (the festival hotel) has a nice restaurant which is convenient, has a wonderful view and offers a nice selection of good food. If you want to explore restaurants outside the Hotel, here are some recommendations:
Yak’s Top Pick for Lunch:      Blue Wave Web Site
Island Palms Blue Wave Restaurant is a great spot for lunch. It is a short walking distance from the Kona Kai (Festival Hotel), it has a beautiful outdoor section with a nice view right on the water and it is ideal if the sun is shining. Recommend ordering The Wedge Salad ($8) then the Kobe Beef Burger ($15) as an entre. Suggest you avoid their Fish Taco (trust me).
Yak’s Top Pick for dinner:     Pomodoro Web Link
Pomodoro Ristorante Italiano has been a popular spot for San Diego Festivaleros all along. Nicely priced and delicious food. It is less than a half hour walk from the Kona Kai with adequate parking outside in case you decide to drive. They are quite adept at putting together big tables for festival groups.

Yak’s Top Pick for Sushi:        Sushi Ota Web Site
Sushi Ota is the best sushi in San Diego and my all time favorite anywhere. It is 9 miles away from the Festival, but worth the drive. It is extremely popular especially at night so make sure to call and make a reservation before you go there.
Yak’s Top Pick for Thai Food:        Supannee Web Site
Supannee house of  Thai is close to the festival venue and offers great food at very reasonable prices. Their best dish is Mango Curry and comes with your choices of added stuff. Also wise to make a reservation first.
Yak’s Top Pick for Pizza:       Pizzeria Pommaro Web Site
Pizzeria Pummaro not to be confused with Pommodoro listed above. Great Pizza prepared by hand and they claim the ingredients come straight from Italy. Just the Italian accent on their voice mail is enough to make you crave Pizza. Less that a half hour walk from the Kona Kai.


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