The Tandammandments of Tango Etiquette :)

Respect is the most important guiding principle of all interactions. In a crowded tango environment, respect becomes paramount for other people’s safety, space, comfort and their right to enjoy dancing without being bumped or crowded by some inconsiderate yahoo. Here are the tandammandments according to the most recent convention of Tibetan Yaks:
1. Hygiene, please use soap and deodorant and avoid garlic and onions. If you are a sweater, please bring a shirt along (pun intended). Sweaty forehead? bring a towel (easy if you care enough).
2. Invite gently and only with Cabeceo, don’t have a Tanturi if you are rejected. Use common sense, it won’t hurt you. If a lady is eating or in deep conversation, wait till later.
3. Guide the lady to the floor and only enter the floor if there is room. Establish eye contact with the dancer coming at you so they can signal permission.  Please do not just jump in, it is not a pond and you are not a frog.
4. Stay in your lane please and move counter clockwise with the line of dance. Remember, you are not a Salmon going to lay eggs.
5. Don’t tailgate the couple in front of you and don’t obstruct the ones behind you. Simply wait for space to open and move into it. In the meantime, dance in the space you are in. This is not bumper cars.
6. Passing people is not only annoying, it is also risky especially when you pass from the lead’s blind side on the right. This includes people who are walking to their seat right on the dance floor – Hello???
7. Don’t harass the DJ’s, they are artists at work trying to make everyone happy. This includes loud conversations around the DJ booth, “Rabbit season, Duck season”.

8. No high Boleos please, the beautiful shoes can be lethal weapons. No one wants to be stuck neither by a stiletto nor a ninja star.

9. Back to her seat, escort the lady off the dance floor, then a true Jedi you are.
10. No teaching or commentary during the dance. Yes, this includes you professor 🙂